Custom Production

Consulting, design and preparation

Custom made furniture from LUGI is produced according to your specifications combining honest carpentery, modern technologies and the work of leading architects and designers. We put emphasis on professional consulting and detailed preparations including technical drawings, visualizations, and the time schedule of the project.

Choice of materials, production and testing

The best moment in the whole process is the selection of wood. There is nothingbetter than taking a smelling and beautiful plank from the LUGI wood warehouse. The production takes place only in our production hall and you can always come to see how your furniture arises in the hands of our experienced carpenters.

Delivery, installation and fine tuning

We carry the furniture perfectly protected in our LUGI vans with racing numbers. The same carpenters who manufacture the furniture, are also installing it at your premises. This is the only way to fine tune everything to the last detail.