Frames and Mattresses

Why is Lattoflex the best?

Lattoflex - the best for your healthy sleep

Our aim is to create valuable interior units that are not only beautiful, but also functional. That is why we offer carefully selected products that complement our work with their unique features. The luxury products of the German company Lattoflex represent the highest level of the lying area development. The unique and highly flexible point-system helps prevent back pain thanks to its innovative supporting wing system. The frames and mattresses are made to measure, meet strict bed hygiene requirements and are suitable for allergy sufferers. In many variants from the basic non-positioning up to the royal 5 motor frames (up to size XXL) to find a solution trurly for everyone.

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LUGI is the exclusive Lattoflex® importer for the Czech market.

Why is Lattoflex the best?


Better bloodflow

Lattoflex lowers the pressure on tissue and doesn't limit the bloodflow during sleep. The result is relaxation of muscles, joints and support for the spine. Different density zones for each body part are also helping that.

Pressure distribution

The weight of a body causes great pressures on the shoulders and hips when using an ordinary bed. The result is pain in sleep and exhaustion on wakeup. The spine gets no chance to reach a natural position. Lattoflex removes this completely.

Individual setup

Height, weight, health and lifestyle. All these are aspects of Lattoflex bed choices. There are 28 frames available, 5 types of mattress and 7 different covers. That allows the system to adjust perfectly to give you the perfect sleep.

Bed hygiene

Lattoflex is a market leader in bed hygiene. It ensures ventilation, dryness, it minimizes dust and reduces microorganisms. Also the easily removable covers are machine washable. The system is therefore ideal for clients with allergic and asthmatic problems.


An adjustable bed frame is not an unnecessary luxury. It is the best way to provide the body conditions for regeneration, refreshment and overcoming of stress. The sliding function of the frame means the bedside table is always within reach. The power adjustability is ideal for lowering of pressure and increasing bloodflow in the lower extremities.


All Lattoflex systems have a standard 10 year guarantee on the mattress and the flexible frame parts. The mattress also comes with a 3 year "feels like new" guarantee.