LUGI is a Czech furniture maker that produces complete custom interior solutions and a curated collection of furniture and interior accessories. LUGI co-operates with a range of renowned architects and designers to create products and interiors that represent a lasting value through their perfect quality and clean timeless aesthetics. The brand portfolio covers all major aspects of interior design including furniture, kitchens, upholstery, storage units and bed systems. The company is also the exclusive Czech representative of the German brand Lattoflex that produces the finest bed systems on the market.

LUGI is member of Association of Czech Furniture, Guild of upholsterers and decorators and holder of mark Czech quality - furniture

LUGI principles



We want to make things as good as they can be. Both in the custom interior production and in our collection we try to add to the products a personality, that emphasizes or supplements the character of the client.


We enjoy working with wood. Our work is based on traditional craft and is focused on the quality, function and clean design. Each piece is signed by the master carpenter who created it.


We are obsessed with details. In our opinion the detail decides the final outcome, functionality and timelessness of our products.

Personal care

When meeting with a client we are interested in his ideas and views. We create an individual environment during preparations of the project, implementation and also after. Our people are motivated to make any contact with the client joyful.


We communicate actively and clearly. Whether it is providing a quick information or complex technical solution within the project. In everything we do, we want to keep improving.


Ecology is naturally connected with our products. We work primarily with certified European woods and natural materials. Our products made โ€‹โ€‹of solid wood, especially furniture collection are 100% ecological.


Within our capabilities we participate in the support of NGOs and human beneficial projects.